In the first quarter of 2019 betting market in France noted revenue growth of 51%.

 French-betting operators providing services remotely, brought the total income of € 357 million. Active players spent € 2,2 million, which is one-fifth more than in the past. Amounts paid as deposits, increased by a quarter, and amounted to € 658 million. Revenue from sports betting industry of the country has increased by 51% and amounted to € 222 million.

 Parallel performance of daily activity of players have improved. France has become 42% more bettors, it’s a total 655 thousand. People are interested in betting on sporting events. Indicators voiced gambling regulator, a record for the French market.

 Dominant sport is English football, it is betting on the sport to € 717 million. The segment lead bets on national Ligue 1, which is the most popular competition. The French put on the matches of the national tournament € 119.6 Mill.

 In second place in terms of revenue is tennis – € 250 million, and the third – basketball (€ 177 million). Betting on horse racing were less popular this quarter. Proceeds from the events held in the segment increased by 1% to € 273 million.

 Revenues from online poker decreased by 1% and amounted to € 68 million, which is, in fact, is only a negative index of industry in the first quarter of this year.

 Women have become more actively partake of bets on sporting events, despite the fact that the rate of their involvement is still low.

 Recall that in France has started the process of privatization of the largest state lottery.

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